All my life, all I know is pain and heartbreak. I live my life just to please other people, sacrifice for them, but when will someone make me happy, make sacrifices for me?

I see kids with their fathers happy and free. Well, mine? He doesn’t even care whether I am alive or dead because he’s never been there for me. What hurts me the most is that I love him so much but he doesn’t even know the size of shoe that I wear. It’s not that he’s broke. No, he doesn’t know how to maintain his kids. He has never wished me a happy birthday since I was born. He doesn’t know how sad, angry and miserable I am at the hands of my stepfather and that makes me want to hate him even more.

He lied to me several times and I chose to believe his lies, hoping that he would change. All I ever needed was a father’s love, comfort in his hands, but he didn’t care, while he’s alive you know…


Tell us: How do you about fathers who’re absent in their children’s lives?