Imagination is the ability to form ideas or images in the mind. It is the ability to be creative or solve problems. I totally agree with the two given statements above. Imagination, to me, is a world full of life, love, pain, images created by thoughts, and, most importantly, untold stories.
Imagination acts as an imaginary world that brings comfort and a time away from reality. Your imagination is filled with things that you alone can understand, but only if you allow yourself to connect with your conscious and unconscious mind.

Imagination brings the best out of us in ways we’ve never imagined before. Albert Einstein once said: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
Imaginative minds have the tendency to daydream, allowing them to envision a world of fantasy that, for us, feels like reality. Imagination is so powerful in a way that we visualise in our minds what we can attract in our lives. The law of attraction. Imagination is the creation of the future, so I urge you all to think twice, because the perfect future needs the perfect foundation.

Imagination is more than just imagination. It is an imagined nation within you. A nation I call Utopia. Imagination has nothing to do with your age; a twenty-year-old can have the imagination of a seven-year-old and vice versa. People say that education is the key to success. However, I will end my essay in the most controversial of ways: I say imagination is the key to success.

Tell us: Do you agree with the author, that imagination is the key to success?