Pains are the absence of happiness; they don’t really exist. This is a part of life that we can’t excuse ourselves from. Life is like riding a bike, sometimes we fall and feel the pain and out of the pain we continue to ride. The world is a cold place to live in, that’s why hell is extremely hot.

Journey of pains begin when it comes to commitment; relationship, friendship and other kinds of partnerships which need trust inside. Through all my life I noticed that 70% of those in partnerships are only interested in benefits. It all started with “Love issues poem”; it explained it well. There was less to benefit from this and this caused sudden termination of partnerships.

We often get stuck in past relationships because it seems to appear as something new while it is only holding us back. Your ex can’t just come back like a demon un-invited. No, they can’t just expect you to open your door for them because they will keep on trying to suck your strength. We might love some of our exes but we can’t say they are regretting and they want to be back. They want to be back to cause more pains or to finish off what they didn’t.

It is hard to deal with partnerships being ended without something going wrong. It is in our nature to develop new interests, so don’t blame anyone for leaving you unexpected. There is more for you to live on for. Every morning know that emptiness can’t fool you; there is much to be happy about.

Don’t hold hate against former partners, respect what you had to learn from them.