I remember the days we used to walk, talk and chat together. You used to offer some advice and we both said our views and we laugh together. I remember asking you for your help when I fell in love with the girl who from the first sight stole my heart. Although she was new in our community, but you already knew her.

“My brother I am in love with this brown shining new girl and can’t wait to make her mine,” I told you.

“Yes she is beautiful, but such kind of looking girls love money. They are materialistic they can make you cry if you fall in love and go in a relationship with them. They will eat up all what you have and leave you crying on the floor. Why not go for her sister though? She is dark in color not that shining, but so kind and loving. They are not materialistic, they are innocent, loving and kind,” you said and advised me.

“Thanks for your advice,” I said.

Even though my heart is in love with the brown girl she is always shining like a star, she is like a rose in a valley. If God took Adam’s rib and created Eve I think she is my Eve, she was created from my rib, but because of the advice I got from my friend I will go for her sister.

“Hie friend, happy to see you again. I went for her and we are dating now, but she is always complaining that am stingy. I don’t give her money to buy something, I don’t call her to talk to her on the phone and I don’t buy her gifts to surprise her,” I explained to you.

“Yes my brother, these girls need money. You need to buy them gifts for them to feel you are caring for them,” you told me.

So what’s the difference? This girl says this yet I was told such kind don’t like money. My heart cries for the girl I wanted every time I see her, but because of my friend’s advice everything is okay. My heart I am sorry.

“My friend it’s time for me to go to school now I will be back in six months, so I came to say goodbye,” I told you.

“My friend congrats. I wish you all the best,” so you replied.

After three months, while still at school I received a message from you and you asked me how was life at school.

“I’m okay my brother,” I answered.

“How is your relationship with that girl my friend?” you asked.

“We are doing fine although it’s a long distance relationship now,” I answered.

“My friend I need to tell you something,” you said to me.

“What is it brother?” I asked.

“Your girl is also dating with this other friend of ours,” you told me.

“Oh! My God how is this happening? Do you have the ability to stop them?” I asked you.

“No you and her are not married and we don’t die for each other, every one dies on his own. Your girl proposed to your friend telling him you and her are not in any relationship. You better leave her before she makes you cry like a baby,” you said and advised me.

“Oh how can I easily drop and forget her? I am deeply in love with her these days,” I said to you.

“It’s too late. You already messed up. The car can’t move without a driver,” you told me.

“But you never told me this, why?” I asked.

“I thought you are a man, you can decide for yourself,” you answered me.

So what’s the difference now? I was told she is innocent, now she has failed me. She betrayed me by dating my other friend. What is it love?

If I had followed my heart and not my friend’s advice maybe this would not have happened. But its life, we all experience heartbreak. But still it hurts when I think of the one I love.

“Hello my friend. I asked her and she said I must forgive her, so I have forgiven her,” I explained to you again.

“They have done a lot with your friend. Better your friend has done what a man does not you,” you gave me your answer.

“My brother, what do you mean?” I asked.

“Never mind, how can you forgive a girl who has tasted the saliva of your friend? They have been kissing. My brother with your sympathy you can marry someone who may be pregnant with another man’s child,” you said to me.

What is it? Why are you telling me all this? I don’t understand what is happening. People who wish for good things in your life and are always happy with what you may have, are always guiding and advising you in everything you do and my friend advised me.


Tell us: Who do you go to for advice?