Ladies and gentleman tonight before you sleep I want you to do me an important favour.

I need you to stand and say “I, name and surname, am not a product of my circumstance. I am a product of my decisions.”

Now you have reached a point in life where you need to stop blaming people for your mistakes, your past, life challenges and also stop blaming people for your ACHIEVEMENTS!

Yes life has been hard, life has been miserable, life has been a nightmare.

Life did things to you that are hard to explain to you, can’t even put them in words. Life did things to you that when you think about them your whole body freezes, the only thing you can feel is your heart beat and a tear rolling down on your face. You pretend to smile trying to hide the burning pain inside you.

Life took away the things that you valued and admired. Life robbed you the people that meant a lot to you. When you opened your eyes it was painful to find out you were on your own; dropped in the middle of nowhere, the world so big and you were so small.

The world continued to move clock-wise and you marched along anti-clockwise blaming everyone your mind can remember, for everything that has ever happened in your life. During that journey you lost the eye that used to look back and say, “Wow! I have come a long way!”

You forgot the good things people said about you. You forgot your motivations. You forgot your achievements, most of all you forgot who you are!

Never allow your circumstance to dictate over your life. Never allow your circumstance to draw up your future because you’re not a product of your circumstance but you a product of your decisions.

Stop stressing of things you can’t change. Stop stressing of what happened in the past and the ‘should have beens’ in your life; it’s out of your control. Accept that now! You don’t have the power to change your past but you have the power to change your future. You can fix and reclaim your life by just making the right decisions.