Thabisho and Ntombi were a married couple who lived in Warrenton. Thabisho worked in the city of Kimberley in a construction company and only came home on weekends to meet his wife Ntombi, who was a housewife.

They both believed in God and attended church every Sunday, but their main problem was that they could not have children; well, Ntombi could. They both didn’t know that Thabisho was the one who couldn’t make children.

It was Monday in the morning, and as usual Pastor Jakob would visit his members. The pastor had knocked several times on Thabisho’s door, but there was no response. What was surprising was that the door was open, and you could hear the sound of the TV, so the pastor decided to let himself in.

Ntombi was in the shower, and it was clear she did not hear the pastor knock. Ntombi decided to come out of the shower naked as she went to fetch the towel in the other room.

“Oh!” exclaimed Ntombi, “Pastor,” she said.

The pastor was surprised and shocked at what he saw. They both gave in to temptation without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

“Well, what Thabisho doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” they told themselves.

They had forgotten that there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.

Pastor Jakob and Ntombi carried on for days like nothing had ever happened. After weeks Ntombi started to vomit and show all signs of pregnancy. There was no denying the fact that it was the child of the pastor. There was no other explanation, as Ntombi and Thabisho hadn’t tried for a baby in over two months.

Ntombi decided to tell the pastor the bad news. Ntombi wanted to abort the child, but the pastor couldn’t let her do this, as he believed a child was a gift from God. They both decided it was best if they told Thabisho; they had decided to tell him together.

Thabisho had just come home from work that Friday, and he had had a long day. Ntombi couldn’t keep the secret for long, so she told Thabisho everything: how she slept with the pastor and the fact that she had been impregnated by the pastor.

Thabisho was furious and couldn’t believe what he had heard. Without saying a word to Ntombi, Thabisho went to the drawer to fetch his knife. Ntombi tried talking to him, she even tried to hold him but he pushed her away. Thabisho, like a man possessed, went to the pastor’s house. Upon finding the pastor he stabbed him until the pastor was no more. He waited for the police to come and fetch him.

All that Thabisho could say was, “We don’t need pastors like him.”

Just like that Ntombi didn’t have a father to her child. Her husband was arrested and convicted for killing the pastor.


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