As I tried opening my eyes, I was met by the bright light shining straight into my eyes. I tried turning my head to learn my surroundings. That’s when I saw that a very beautiful lady was standing next to me wearing a navy and white uniform, she had a beautiful smile as well.

“Finally, you are awake, your husband will be so happy to see you like this, he has been very worried about you and your unborn baby,” the lady said.

That rang a bell, I was pregnant, Oh Lord is my baby okay?

“Where am I? Is my baby okay? And where is my husband?” I asked.

I tried closing my eyes and opening them again before she could answer my questions. When I opened them again I realised I was in a hospital bed. I felt tiny movements…

‘Oh, my baby is still moving,’ I thought to myself. The lady standing next to me was actually a nurse. I also recalled what transpired before I found myself in this bed.

“I will quickly go call your doctor and your husband, please stay put, you will fine okay,” the nurse said as she gave me that beautiful smile again.

After a few minutes the doctor came in, holding some papers.

“Hey Amanda, I am glad you’re finally awake, I was starting to get worried especially because you are pregnant,” the doctor said.

“Why didn’t they think of my baby? They saw that I was pregnant, I mean I am showing but they did it anyway,” I asked.

“I might not have answers to all your questions, but what I can tell you is that, you are very strong, you are not a victim but rather a survivor. You will get through this, I can tell and with your supportive husband you both will fight this,” the doctor replied.

“This is not the first time…”

“Your husband told me. It is not your fault, you have a life growing inside of you now, make sure you live to protect her…”

“I am starting to believe that this is my fate…I mean…”

My husband rushed in and quickly came to hug me so tightly.

“Whoa! You’re hurting me babe,” I said.

“You scared me. Did the baby move? Are you okay?” my husband asked, panicked.

“Yes, the baby moved…me being okay…I honestly do not know,” I said.

“I love you babe don’t you ever doubt that, I will support you through this whole thing, we are in this together, okay?”

Meet Amanda Dumisa, a 27-year-old lady raped for the second time now and this time she is pregnant. She kept asking herself why her? Is it her fate? Why is it that she had to undergo this trauma twice in her lifetime? Couldn’t they think of the unborn baby at least. Why is this all happening to her?

She kept asking herself these questions while waiting for the doctor, until she uttered these words… “It was not my fault!”


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