Life is a gift that is best enjoyed with those that make you feel it’s worth living. For life to be worth living and enjoyed to the fullest, one has to face and endure the time when life has no meaning and purpose.

The little things that we take for granted and don’t give a second thought to matter more when they are snatched away from our grasp. In most cases, this will break an individual, they start thinking less of themselves and accept that they are not the captain of their journey.

Through all of this, they have to take a few steps back and rediscover themselves and the little things that brought them this far. Through all the struggles, hardships, ups and downs, there is a passion and desire in us to be better than and greater, but we choose to be defined and measured through others and what they deem and consider success.

We fall in this trap because we have lost and forgotten the little things that made us have hope.

When you decide to take a step back from the path set for you by others. Then only will you see your path better and the right people will come and help you through the journey of life not because they want something from you. They will appreciate and value you for who you are in their lives.

Every person comes into our lives for a purpose, some good, some bad. But, in my opinion, they are all good, because most of us would not be who we are without them. Those that wish you the best will always be there and those that wish you to be in the shadows and walk the path they want for you, they will always go before you and try to quench your light through their words. Let your actions and essence prove their words otherwise.

Kill them with kindness and bury them with success, your success is the life you’re living and the smiles you put on others that will be your legacy and will be talked about and remembered by many when you have “run a good race and fought a good fight.”


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