One day, on a farm, Moo-Moo the cow heard a noise. It was Meh-Meh the goat, Neh-Neh the horse, Oinky the pig, and Chickalada the chicken. And when Moo-Moo asked them why they were making noise, they all said they were bragging about their talents, and what they were useful for on the farm.

Moo-Moo asked the animals what they did on the farm, and Meh-Meh said she helped with her special milk, Neh-Neh said he took the farmer up and down to places, Oinky said he cleaned up the farm by eating the mess, and Chickalada said she woke up the farmers to remind them to go to the market.

When they were done, the animals asked Moo-Moo what she was useful for, and she said she liked to eat the grass, and after that, the other animals started laughing at her. She then started scolding the animals, and she said, out of anger, that she, too, had a talent. After that, the other animals made a little bet that, if Moo-Moo did not have a talent ready by the following morning, they would steal his grass.

The following morning, the farmer woke up hungry, but there was no milk, cheese, or butter for him to use. He then remembered that he had a cow he could use for milk, butter, and cheese, then he rushed to get the cow to the shed. While he was milking the cow, the other animals saw that the cow had a talent, and that they could not steal her grass.


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