It came to my attention that we live a life that is prepared by someone else. We wear clothes designed by them, drive cars designed by them and so on. The same thing applies with pressure, we kind of don’t have a choice and we have to ride on with nature.

But I deeply disagree, instead of you living by a standard placed by someone, I challenge you to set a standard even way above your capabilities. I know it will be very tough, you will have to change friends, sleeping patterns, activities and wasting time. They will say many things about you and most will be negative but don’t give them even one percent of your thoughts. Remember people will forever have something to say, no matter what you are doing.

Let’s say you spend 15 hours of your 24 hours every day communicating, it can be communicating with friends, family, social media or watching TV and after that you go to bed. Don’t get me wrong, communication is good for a person but do you think it is worth your time?

I know people who dance, drink alcohol, do drugs, abuse others but they hate doing it. There is a standard placed on discipline, peace and fame. I don’t know how much but that kind of discipline will steal your joy, that kind of peace will kill you and that fame will destroy your life.

Peer pressure can be good sometimes, think about that nerd in school whose friends tease him because he has no girlfriend, he will surely have pressure and might get a shot in love. Or please think about that guy who is happy with his R25 000 paying job whose friends steal and bribe from their jobs to get R250 0000. The guy might get a shot on a great life if he lets that pressure to get into his mind.

Or let’s look at that young man whose family is very poor and his little sister can’t even attend school; his friends rob and also sell drugs to make a living. If he gives it a thought, he can have money and take care of his family.

Some pressures are good right? Okay I am lying. The nerd ends up failing at school because he spends too much time with his ‘Princess’.

The guy gets caught and obviously loses his job and gets convicted. The young man ends up in jail because he was arrested for murder of a bank manager in one failed heist.

Pressure is like a fruit, if you don’t taste it you will never experience it’s rottenness. But you have to put it in your pocket and invest in your life. Life will always bring pressure.


Tell us: What pressures have you experienced?