Who knew that life after mom would be so complicated and confusing? No one. Finding yourself sinking deep into depression and anxiety because of grief. Having sleepless nights wondering what mommy would be doing or saying if she was still alive.

Sitting in the yard with the hopes that she might come in shouting and making noise or even just hearing her loud laughter. Oh death not be proud. Having to lose your mother at a very young age is so sad and I am left behind with my younger siblings and my dad. The struggle of having to ask for money for sanitary pads from your dad, not knowing how you will do that.

Watching your father work hard to put food on the table. The relatives who said they would take care of you and your siblings are nowhere to be found; they just distanced themselves. They are not even calling to hear if everything is still alright. Urgh, life after mommy’s death is not easy at all.


Tell us: Have you ever lost someone dear to you?