Lerato lived in a faraway village, where education was free. The standard of living was low and service delivery was poor. One day Lerato got pressurised when she saw that all her friends were in love. She started believing that love was the potion to make your life better.

One day she met Thabo who ended up being her boyfriend. They fell in love and life went on. Unfortunately Thabo was not a man that Lerato always wished for; he was not a good man.

He used to abuse her and started treating her like trash. The only problem was that Lerato couldn’t report him to the police because she thought being in love with Thabo would boost her status. She wanted to impress her friends.

One day her friend Katlego saw that Lerato was being abused by her boyfriend, Thabo. Katlego got Lerato to open up. Katlego told her that there are other good ways to show a person that you love them and Thabo wasn’t doing any of them. She reported Thabo and he was sentenced many years in jail. She also learnt a lesson about life and peer pressure.