I was surrounded by people who thought they were better than me. They treated me like an inferior creature. I used to feel extremely bad about it. At times, I felt the need to stop everything, let it go whatever way it wanted to. I wanted everything to just end. But their laughing faces, the memories of them mocking me, reminded me that they wanted me to fall down.

Why should I? Why should I give them what they want? I knew I had to stop falling down and start defending myself. All I needed to do was to get away from those people, so as to get some peace and resolve to put in my full efforts into whatever I do, so that I could have my own identity.

I couldn’t believe how rude they were. I identified myself. I never raised my voice. I was stunned. If they treated other people the way they treated me, they shouldn’t have contact with the public.


Tell us: Have you ever felt inferior?