I recently cut my hair short because I felt like I needed a new start. However, things are not looking good for me, I kind of regret having short hair. The very first time I came back from the salon my mom kept on teasing me and making fun of me. My siblings found it very funny that I actually now have short hair.

What saddens me is that my aunt said I looked nice, so I’m quite confused. My mom couldn’t stop teasing me the whole night, busy using this phrase “lepotlapotla le ja pudi”. She kept saying I’m an impatient person and good things come to those who wait. I truly feel embarrassed to even go out. My brother’s friend was here last night and he actually laughed at me and asked what happened to my hair because now I actually look like a girl from an initiation school.

The thing is my long hair started to break and I looked horrible. Having short hair and dying it maroon was the only choice I had and I thought it’d suited me. Sadly it doesn’t and I’m even afraid to go outside looking like this. The thing is I was in a hurry to fix my hair.

I can’t imagine what my boyfriend will say when he sees me, let alone my friends at school. To even think I only have few days left to get ready for school, it frustrates me. Here I am going through online research on how to grow hair quickly. I found out that I could use rice water on my hair for it to grow quickly, I’m currently using it.

I have hope that before the 16th my hair will be looking better than now. You won’t even believe I bought the rice with my money because everything I do is always in a hurry and I just couldn’t wait to get the rice water and get done with it. I even bought the wrong dye, I actually thought it was white apparently when I got home it’s another colour, it’s blue, imagine that! This 21-day lockdown is really helping me out, it actually did me a favour so that I get my act together, before schools reopens.


Tell us: What are some of the things that you’ve done in a hurry and now you regret doing them?