I find it difficult to understand why people can’t keep their circle small. Did you know that keeping your circle small reduces jealousy, stress, unnecessary drama and evilness?

We tend to invite more friends in our lives and involve them too much in our personal space, forgetting that not everyone is going to applaud when you do better than them. We tend to give our friends the space to invade and control our lives and that’s not okay.

Yes, we should trust our friends and open up to them whenever we’re hurt, happy or sad, but the problem starts when you tell your so-called friend everything then they make it a joke to others. It is very important to choose your friends wisely, know them well, notice every significant detail about them before you open up and reveal your secretes. Notice how they react whenever you tell them your good news and bad news.

A true friend will never be jealous of you. They will always want the best for you. A true friend will never judge you or backstab you, but will always be there to support you.

Run away from fake friends because they come only to destroy you. Be wise enough to choose well and keep your circle small, not everyone deserves to be your friend, keep that in mind.


Tell us: Do you agree that it is better to know someone before opening up to them?