It’s that time of the year, yay! Everyone is looking forward to Christmas. I, on my side, am not sure whether I should be happy or sad.

Here’s why…

Last year’s Christmas was not a very good one for me and my family. We woke up in the morning with no interest of getting out of our beds at all. I mean, it’s nice to get out of bed knowing that you will have something-nyana for breakfast. We acknowledged the fact that the cardboards were empty and so was the fridge. And it was Christmas for heaven’s sake! People were looking forward to the delicacies of the day. But not us.

But even so, we still lived to see another Christmas and that is a blessing in itself. What I’d like to emphasise is that we should count our blessings. Yes, we had nothing to look forward to but at least we had each other and that is what mattered.

There are people who are fighting for their lives in hospitals at this very moment. I may not have much but I’m still breathing and healthy. I have a place I call home while there are people who will spend their Christmas under bridges. For every good there is bad and for every bad there is good. So instead of focusing on the bad rather focus on the good.

I don’t have much to say, but Merry Christmas in advance my FunDza fam! And remember no matter how bad your Christmas is, you have your FunDza family. I hope in the following year we will be together as one and share our Christmas experiences.


Tell us: How do you celebrate your Christmas?