They say it’s never too late, they say never give up, they say never say never! I say it’s too late, it’s too late to give up now, it too late to say I’m never gonna succeed.

Before giving up, why did you even start? Before saying never why did it raise your thought?

What are you waiting for? Inspirational quotes? Are waiting for motivational speakers?

Well then, it’s too late to be waiting for someone or something to push you to your rightful place. It’s too late to be comfortable with things that make you sad, it’s too late for searching the rumours you heard about yourself, it’s too late for wasting time entertaining abantu (people). It’s too late to try and make everyone happy.

If I were to advise the world, I would say stop feeling sad over what people say about you. People forget and they’ll be happy again but you’d be sitting there feeling sorry for yourself, To hell with that. Take this time and shine!

Don’t wipe those tears, but rejoice with them, you’re beautiful. If you don’t believe me, then cry in front of a mirror and smile while crying with tears, and see how unique you are.

Can we just do what we want, whenever, however and whatever? And see if the world won’t be better?


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