It was in the evening on the 11th of September. I was very excited that it was my birthday because I usually got birthday gifts from my mom. As I was busy cleaning the house I heard footprints along the house passage. It was my mom!

My heart pounded with excitement as I saw my mom entering with a big box.

“Birthday gift!” I said to myself as I calmly welcomed my mom home and helped her with the box she was holding, which by the way I thought was my birthday present.

Was I right?

My mother didn’t say anything to me about the box, she just greeted me and gave me a promising smile. I didn’t know what was inside the box but it was a little heavy and felt like something was moving inside. I just couldn’t figure out what it was so I just placed the box on the floor along with my curiosities.

“I have a present for you my boy,” my mom said as she picked up the box from the floor, handing it to me.

The thing inside the box started moving vigorously like it wanted to come out. I kept asking myself questions until I finally opened the box.

Wow! I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw…

Inside was a puppy with brown eyes and white fur all over its body. It looked me straight in the eyes with its cute eyes and it made a tiny barking sound.

“Happy birthday my boy,” my mom said as she gave me a hug.

I quickly removed the puppy out of the box and started playing with it. What a cute little creature. Every time I look at it my eyes just fill with hearts. I’ve never been close to something like this before.

I decided to name it Genie because it was like my little genie that was inside the box and made my wishes come true. This puppy really had a way of putting a smile on my face, it is my best friend. Each and everyday I look forward to playing with her. I feed her, talk to her and play with her.

My genie is very dear to me because it keeps me happy. Sometimes when I’m angry it comes to me and barks at me, then it launches playtime, making me forget about my problems for a while.

One of the games it enjoys playing is ‘tennis fetching’. I throw a tennis ball and it runs after it to catch it then gives it back to me. Sometimes it doesn’t give me back the ball, it just keeps it in its mouth. I guess its just stubborn as I am.

Indeed, a dog is a man’s best friend, I can see that from my puppy, the little genie.