The world has changed over the past few decades. Technology has been improved, population has increased, new ways of living have been introduced and the economy of the world has now been balanced, with poor countries no longer suffering.

Although some of the people are enjoying the change, some still prefer the old same way.

George Anderson is a 40-year-old man with two kids aged 3 and 5. His wife was taken to live on planet Mars after being diagnosed with HIV. Scientists had found a new way to make life possible in Mars since the number of people living with HIV was high and no cure was yet found. The world leaders and governments had come to the decision that everybody found with the disease will be exported to the planet in order to stop the disease from spreading.

George wasn’t able to make peace with the new system. He formed a new movement disagreeing with it. According to him, government should have made the decision democratic, the people should have been given a chance to decide whether they wanted to go live there or stay with their families. The government had committed discrimination and inequality. George had told the whole world that the system was making HIV infected people feel less valuable, it was making them feel like they don’t deserve to live.

Rumors about those people in Mars committing suicide had been spreading lately and George’s children had been refusing to go to school. The other children were teasing them about their HIV positive mother. This whole situation had become a burden to him; it felt like hell had been built on his shoulders. Anger within him was fueled. He wanted to start a strike but it was not allowed. Anyone who was found striking was locked away without even appearing in court.

If one had a problem he had to put a complaint into the LTS box (Let your Thoughts Shout) then the box would transport the message to the law enforcement through an underground tunnel. Although it had an advantage, one could never be sure that those letters were read. Two months went by and there was no reply to the letter he had sent. He and the people supporting his movement decided to write similar letters and send them to the enforcers. This time around they got a reply.

The movement was summoned to appear in court but only one person would represent them and George had agreed to that. Everybody was happy with it.

“Mr Anderson, why do you feel like those people living with HIV should be allowed to live among us?” the computer-monitored Judge asked.

“It is unfair for us to treat a person differently because of their status. Imagine if you were one of those people, how would you feel about it? Were you not going to feel hated? Wouldn’t you be depressed?” replied George.

The court went on and on for days. Everything seemed to be going well for them but the judges during this time did not have any human feelings. They were just robots which were created with law software. The case was ruled out to be a useless and a resource wasting matter. That didn’t sit well with George and he began causing havoc in court.

“You think just because you the law, you know what we want?!” He shouted at the judge. Police had to drag him out of the building since he was uncontrollable, but they knew that wouldn’t be the end of him.

He started posting things on social media.

My fellow humans, we are being controlled by people who don’t know what we want. Our kids have lost their mothers because of the system. How can one grow without a mother? How can one live, knowing that their loved one is alive but not with them? How do you expect your kids to enjoy school when they keep getting teased about their mothers and fathers whose privacy has been raided? Let’s help one another by fighting this to the end.

Within a week his message was already trending and millions of people were supporting it. They also posted theirs.

The government saw it. He knew that if he allowed this to go on then there was going to be another war. Scientist had found a way to defy gravity and build houses that could float on air and come down whenever their owner wanted something that was on earth. The government saw this as an opportunity to bribe George as everyone wanted to have a house that floats. But he didn’t fall for it. They even threatened his family but he still didn’t stop his movement.

Desperate to bring George and his movement down, the authority framed George with causing strikes and disorder. He was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison. But that didn’t stop his followers from pursuing with what he had started. George was ill-treated in prison; he was beaten, forced to clean toilets and sometimes he even went to bed hungry. All this was done in order to make him loose hope in the fight against the government. But it didn’t work.

Nine months later George had been drained of all his energy. He couldn’t bare the feeling of his kids left alone without both parents, but a voice in his head kept reminding him that he had come a long way so he can’t quit.

After serving 7 months of his 6 years, his movement had become popular. More people demanded him to be released and threatened to destroy the SASP (South African Space Program). Government had no choice but to release him so they cut a deal.

George told them that in order for him to stop the movement, government must agree with his terms. They must agree that no HIV patient will be sent to live in Mars against their will, and people with HIV must have their statuses kept confidential like back then in 2017. A deal was reached. His wife was brought back to Earth with everybody else that wanted to live on Earth. Those who wanted to live on Mars were taken there with fast improved space ships even though they were not HIV positive. Peace was restored and the people got what they wanted.