What are the two most important days in a man’s life? Often when people are asked this question their answer is the day they were born and the day they die. Some even say the day they conceived their kids.

In my journey to finding my roots, I was asked this question and I have never been that startled in my life. I came back with an answer two years later. I said to my great-grandfather and mother: the day I was born and the day I find out why I was born. To my surprise I was right. Since they are very ancient people and love tradition, I knew the answer that they were going to give me would be based on that.

The Day You Were Born:
Your whole ancestral clan can sit down and say, I think the person is ready to face the world and carry out the tasks we are going to give him.

The Day You Find Out Why You Were Born:
This day is vital because you’re going to carry out the tasks given to you, you are going to find your purpose in this walk of life and you are going to make a great impact with it.

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