Sunnyboy grew up on a farm. He was so desperate and so full of anger. He wondered why he grew up in a poor family. He wanted so much to be rich, to have his own money. His anger ended in his death.

Sunnyboy was approached by an inyanga. The witch doctor wanted Sunnyboy to get him human body parts and was prepared to exchange them for money. He agreed to the plan, but never knew that the plan would lead him to death.

He planned to get the first body part to the inyanga. He phoned his ex lover, with whom he had a son. He asked the girl if the boy could come for the school holidays to visit his father. The plan worked when the lady agreed.

Sunnyboy went to fetch the child from the mother’s place. He killed the child and opened his chest in search of the heart. Then he put the heart in a bottle until it stopped pumping. He forgot that the witchdoctor wanted a heart that was still fresh. He took it there, but he was disappointed because the inyanga refused to take it and he was never paid the handsome money he had been promised.

When he realised he had killed his own son for nothing, he couldn’t bear the disappointment and hanged himself too.