I was sleeping peacefully when I felt someone shaking my shoulders to wake up. I turned so fast, like I’d been awake for sometime.

“Hhaa…” I tried screaming.

“Shush,” he said. “If you scream I will kill you.”

I sat still holding close my knees. My heart beating so fast, hoping it would stop immediately.

It was dark, I could not see him clearly, but it was definitely a man, with a deep cracked voice. He came closer and closer. He moved his sharp knife on my thighs. I was so scared, I tried to say something, but I was babbling.

He tore my sleeping pants and forced himself onto me. I tried so hard to stop him, but he was too strong. Believe me, I tried, but I got tired, I gave up. He kept moving up and down until he breathed so hard, then he slept next to me; he was numb.

He forgot his knife next to me while he enjoyed hurting me. I slowly reached for the knife then stabbed him. He opened his eyes wide. I got more scared and stabbed him over and over again.

I heard voices, it was two policewomen holding my arms, handcuffing my hands and telling me my rights. What rights when I was woken up and raped in my home?

My friends, this is why I am trapped in this cage.

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