The year 2020

In the beginning of the year 2020, we had hopes and dreams. We budgeted towards the year 2020. Within a blink an of eye those dreams were shut in our faces. Our tears has turned out to be our midnight coffee and we can’t face our families in this situation.

Bad impact

COVID-19 has a bad impact because our economy decreased; the breweries and tobacco companies were shut down which led to our decreased economy. Most people had lost their jobs and some of them has had their hours reduced. Some employers didn’t register their employees for UIF. They didn’t follow the correct procedures in terms of labour law and the employees were prejudice and insubordinate against employers sanctions. Other learners from private schools are sitting at home because their parents lost their jobs while their school mates are provided with teaching and learning. Artists and DJ’s can’t get bookings for performances in order to entertain the audience and now they have to do it via social networks. Many people have to procure food parcels because they are unemployed.

Good impact

Those unemployed nurses and social workers got jobs after years of being unemployed. The unemployed youth and community members got jobs to do screenings and cleaning at schools and public facilities. Actors and actresses has been doing their script lines, using their cellphones to shoot their scenes while they’re at home. Our Radio DJ’s, translators, editors etc., they are working from home by using the latest technology.

The lesson

We’ve learnt that in life you have to expect the unexpected. Even though this pandemic is a shock in our lives, we’ve learnt a lot from it; it has been an eye opener in our lives.


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