The importance of education
Without education people would not be able to do a lot of things.
Education is for everyone, it’s up to you whether you use the chance or let it slip.
Education is the key to success without it, people would not have cars, televisions and other electrical appliances. Without education and technology people would not be able to text each other through media. People would have to write letters in order to communicate.

Some kids may not enjoy school due to:
Lack of concentration: some kids at school may find it hard to concentrate because they are not interested in what the teacher is saying or the teacher may be teaching too fast and some children need a much slower pace from the teacher.

Bullying: some kids may hate going to school because they are dealing with bullies and they are afraid to tell their guardian. If they keep on keeping it a secret they may start dealing with depression, so if someone is bullying you at school speak up so the elders can deal with the issue and maybe you will enjoy your school days.

Knowledge and education is the key to success, so you have to be steady to reach your goals. Some people may be involved in criminal activities due to the environment they live in so if you are dealing with one of those, stand up and take a stand about your life and be a star.


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