It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sky was blue with green leaves everywhere. This was a day to praise the Lord. All the people in the street were holding their bibles moving in unison to the word of God.

My brother had been trying to get me to abandon my faith. He’d been trying to get me to smoke Woonga, so that I could, ‘see the world clearly’ according to him. But I stayed faithful, whenever he saw me holding my bible, he would freak out or be angry at me. I thought that it was God’s way of telling me that I was on the right track, my ignoring him.

In our area, boys my age and younger saw me as a fool, because of my faith and because I didn’t engage in or use drugs. There is a saying that I used to repeat to myself, “Let them judge you, but sooner or later they’ll realise how good of a person you are”.

I advise many other people not to fall in the trap of judging things and people by what they see on the outside. With God by my side I cannot fail. So, I told myself that they can continue to judge me because I won’t change for anyone.