From everything, I have healed.
With no one to talk to I managed to heal myself.

From breaking up with my five year lover, till my uncle decided to rape me and having nobody believe you and see no action happening. To self-diagnosing myself with depression, to the point where I had no self-esteem. No confidence at all. Excluding myself from people just because the rape made me view myself as different from others.

I have healed from all that, I healed myself. It took a lot of time, years in fact.

I would pray with tears down my cheeks. Cry myself to sleep. Punch the wall and pillows just so I could find justice in my heart. At some points, I would try to commit suicide, but here I am…still breathing. Writing countless letters of how I feel. Actually nobody cared about me. So I healed myself instead.

Now the dream is to heal others. Especially young girls who have no one to confide in.


Rape crisis helpline is 021 447 9762 and Childline is 080 0055 555

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