I live in the worst community ever. Crime is the worst problem in the area. People are living in fear because they are worried about the crimes that take place in the community. Many people have been robbed by thieves and they even lock themselves in their homes because they do not want to get robbed in their houses. Some are even scared to go to work because they are scared of being robbed.

Another thing that makes me unsafe in my community is the people who are addicted to drugs. They even rob people so that they can sell and buy drugs with the money. Some criminals are teaching those who want to study and become someone in life. They get affected by the teachings from the thugs. Many of them also drop out from school and start to smoke drugs and also teach others too.

Even teachers are making us as children feel unsafe because they can abuse us mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually. Teachers also take advantage of students and that makes students distrust teachers as their parental figures too.

Now we have the water crisis and it’s unsafe to drink water from the taps. Even the City of Cape Town says that it can’t guarantee the safety of water coming underground springs and other sources. The city is at stake of losing water and the City of Cape Town suggests that people save water so that we can beat Day Zero. Some people are trying their best to save water and beat Day Zero. Some people get stomach aches because of the water. Even students in schools complain about the water that comes from the taps.

There is also a crime where a learner can report a case to the police such as rape. There are high cases of rape in the country. Many women and girls have reported this crime and many cases have been ignored because even the police are being blackmailed by these thieves. So many victims are silenced because they think the police will ignore them. Even men can be raped too and they also think that if they report the case to the police then they will laugh at them.

There is also a crime of hijacking of cars and people. The cars that Uber drives use are hijacked by the thieves in community, even in front of people and in children. The Uber drivers complain about it and they also complain about the police too.

They said that the police don’t do their jobs of protecting them. They said that they are good for nothing and the police know that they have to protect them. The criminals are very lucky because they don’t get punished or even get away with the crime. The criminals drop out of school just to rob people in the community and violate people’s right of being safe.