The silence was suffocating my whole bedroom, the only sound I could hear was the beating of my heart and my teeth grinding; my mind was far from my body.

I heard the laughter coming from outside and that is when I came back to my senses.

“Oh my God the day has finally arrived,” I said out loud and then I clicked my tongue as I was sitting on my bed.

Dammit! Today is matric results day. I was about to stand up but I heard the beep sound from my phone.

Sorry friend you didn’t make it. Sihle and I passed with diploma’s so right now we on our way to Wimpy to celebrate, pity we going without you.

That was a message from my friend Sbahle. I threw the phone against the wall.

My mother came running, “What is wrong with you? Your brother brought the paper from the neighbour, I see that you didn’t make it my baby. Well It’s not the end of the world, go fetch your statement then we will take it from there.”

I didn’t even hear a single word that my mother said. There was this song that was playing in my head “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I stood up and went to my school with a heavy heart and my tears were threatening to spill.

On my way to school I bumped into one of my classmates. She hugged me so tightly and I felt alive. I reached my school and I said a little prayer, “Please God let it be an error with the publisher, if I pass I promise I will be a good girl, well even though I already am, but I will be the best girl in the whole world and I love you God.”

I went inside the office, before I even said anything the principal started explaining everything. He said that there was a mistake in publishing some of the learner’s names and that he is so dearly sorry for that mistake. I just stood there for like a minute — I thought it was some kind of a joke.

I started crying. He gave me my statement and I examined it thoroughly. “Thank you God, entlek I see now that you really love me.” Is this magic or is God answering my prayer, I thought.

I took out my phone and called my mother and told her everything. I was so happy, I passed with a Bachelor’s pass and two distinctions. I then rushed home and I found my mother praying. I joined her and we prayed for almost an hour. After we finished, she stood up and gave me a warm tight hug, she cried and I smiled.

This story has taught me to always believe in myself and to always know that the only person who will always have your back is your mother finish and klaar. Friends are fake, the saying “When days are dark friends are few” is so true, so now I’m riding solo. Education is the key to success. So this year I’m studying electrical infrastructure and construction at the college. God is magic, he fulfils what you wished for.


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