How do I write this without giving you the impression that I want us to fix things? Generally, how do I write this piece? As gentlemen we are not expected to reveal our emotions. Our exhibition of vulnerability is seen as a weakness. Maybe you are going to mock me for expressing my burnt feelings. The very same feelings you destroyed. But, again, I cannot deny the fact that I was in love with you. Please, re-read that. I was in love with you, and there’s a sad possibility that you might not have been in love with me.

You are beautiful. I’m sure that you’ve heard a thousand times. It must be your daily bread by now. But what mostly attracted me to you was your inner beauty. You were a kind and calm person who was always smiling. Your personality was intriguing and definitely one to admire. You were so warm and open in our conversations that I shared every little detail and secret of my life with you.

I am still haunted by the pleasant melody of your voice. The manner in which you spoke Sesotho, and your choice of words, made me salivate. If those words were delicacies I could have eaten them all. You had a way of beautifying everything. Mind you, I am not pleading with you to take me back. Even if you would flatter me with such an honour, I would not agree. We will never, again, be.

You may be asking yourself why I wrote this piece then. Well, since you did not want to give me closure, this is my way of moving on. The way you walked out of my life and ditched me was brutal. How could you walk away from me without saying so? How could you not say goodbye? You never even gave me a chance to say goodbye!

You alienated me immediately. You left me lovelorn, wounded and hopeless. You left the door in my heart widely open, but never returned. You left my heart frozen and cold. And lastly, you left me with a mountain of questions.

Nonetheless, I meant every word I said to you then. I wish you great things and I believe in you. You do not need me to, anyway. You squashed my feelings but I do not hate you.

People barely speak well of their exes (if you consider me as one). And I do not blame them because their words might be misinterpreted and intentions twisted. But trust me I am no longer in love with you (that shouldn’t matter because you never were in love with me), but I had to praise your goodness. Deep down you are a good person and I do hope you remain one forever. Thanks for sharing a portion of your life with me. I shall not hold on to, but I definitely will remember those few happy moments we spent together. Bye, beautiful-eyed belle.


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