I love him and he means an entire world to me. I swear I wouldn’t be this happy if I wasn’t my father’s daughter. I bless the day God positioned him to be part of my life. He perfectly filled the role of being a father from day one until now and no one can do it as he does. I’m utterly obsessed with him with no shame or doubt. Yes! My dad excites me tremendously and I love it.

Now allow me to uncage hidden words in my heart, walk with me down the streets of memory lane as I unfold letters that carry moments I shared with my father. In the deep dark nights he brightly shines in my life and his smile is always enough to keep me going. With him around, I have nothing to fear and I want to be his female version, though it is not difficult to impersonate him. Remember “I am my father’s daughter” – hi it goes along with the line “like father like daughter”.

Calm as he is, he makes people laugh until they shed tears and hold their stomachs. He has a huge personality and he carries values of humanity and integrity everywhere. My dad is my first love; he is my rough diamond, very rare to find. Memories will forever be kept in my mind and his love will forever be in my heart. He is an incredible loving father to his family and a dedicated loyal man to my mother.

I always reminisce about his countless I-love-yous, along with warm hugs and kisses that I got every day. Sometimes he would continuously crack jokes while accompanying me to school. No one can read my facial expressions like him; he would wipe my tears while embracing me in his arms. With his head held high, he would tell me I was his princess, and I always would be. I thank him for trusting my abilities and making me work hard in everything I do.

I remember how he dances and makes my heart jump with joy, out of all things I remember the sparkles in his eyes and how his smile widens every time I tell him about my dreams. After all, “Ke lesego la gae,” and I’m beyond blessed to have such a family-oriented man, who works hard to fulfil my every need.

Cheers to more years to come, I know my daddy is strong and he’ll live longer, I know my kids will be happy to meet the guy who engulfed me with the biggest love in this world. He will be the coolest grandfather to them.
“I dearly love you, Matsobane, tšie kgalaka, Mmasesha sekgopa baeng, bear in mind you were raising yourself in me. I’m proud to be my daddy’s princess.

Tell us: What do you appreciate the most about your father?