Alone in a dark world without anyone to support your dream, a vision you had in life. Everyone you shared your dream with would remind you of your family’s background. Nobody believed that my dream would come true.

My dream was to become the biggest farmer in the world. But whenever I shared the dream with someone, they would tell me, “How will you become the biggest farmer if your father was not even able to afford a small garden in his yard?”

Some would even tell me that my vision was very big for someone like me. As I was fighting to achieve my goals, I finished my education and found a bursary to study in university. I knew what I needed to achieve and I was used to saving the money I received as pocket money. I would use it to buy the biggest land.

Almost after 6 years after completing my degree, I bought a land about 48 hectors. I found a job as a security guard, still saving money to start my business. As a boy who was raised in a poor family, nobody believed that I would be successful.

About two years of working as security, I started poultry and crop farming. As time went by, I bought different animals with the profit earned. Today that little poultry and crop farm has employed more than 80 000 workers and it is delivering its products all over the world. Some of my those friends are now working as my HR and PA in my own company.


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