There are millions of people, patronising your dreams and making fun of your struggle. But there is someone who truly understands what you are going through. Someone who hears your cries and stands by you. Someone who laughs with you and not at you.

Someone who doesn’t just cry with you but cries for you.

He is Jesus Christ, who did not ask you to die with Him when he died for you. He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort you and He will send the people around you as angels to provide a reign of comfort in your life and to meet all your needs.

Believe me, I speak from experience; I am a living testimony. People like me got arrested trying to make a better living for themselves through crime. People like me tried to commit suicide. People like me are out there in the streets as hobos and street kids. Growing up without parents nearly led me astray, eating only porridge and potatoes for the whole month almost drove me crazy.

Like any other guy, I wanted to be loved and appreciated by girls. But I later learned that love was rare and lust was everywhere. Those who love you even when you have useless pockets; do love you best.

I have also attempted to commit suicide. But by reading the word of God and taking advices, I had faith and hope when everything seemed to be falling apart. My teachers told me there’s a future ahead of me but all I knew I had was my talent though it seemed to be useless. I had to admit so many facts of life and carry on. I had to admit that being a good soccer player doesn’t mean you can afford soccer boots. Being a good musician doesn’t guarantee that you will record an album. Even today, I am a writer and still can’t afford to publish a book. But I am patiently waiting.

I know my worth and I believe in possibilities. Patience is a virtue. I will not give up now for I am not alone. My past lies behind and my future is waiting beyond; it gets closer and closer when I get closer and closer. Every single step made is progress. I will always be ready to attain my dreams and I will never be ready to give up on my dreams. For I am not alone.