She was a beautiful, young lady, full of life and her name was Liena Jones. She had a sickness named Bipolar that permanently changed her life. She attended church just like everyone and life was good as a teenager. Then the trouble started when she met a handsome guy by the name of Tshepo. They dated for a month and then decided to take the relationship further. And that’s when things changed for good.

Tshepo asked Liena to move in with him and they stayed at the backroom of Tshepo’s parent’s house. They were always careful and used condoms when making love, but one day they decided to cheat the contraceptive and all hell broke loose. Liena Jones became pregnant with twins and things started changing in their relationship. Tshepo wanted to run away from his responsibilities as a father.

He planned to get back together with his old lover so that Liena could move out of the backroom. His plan worked; Liena moved out heartbroken and heavily pregnant. Tshepo lied to his parents and said that Liena moved out when she realised that the child wasn’t his. The babies were born healthy, without the father’s love. But one of the twins passed away when they were two months old.

Tshepo’s heart was heavy but he did not want to show his parents his feelings because had he lied. Liena on the other hand was sick, lonely and she hated men to the point that she felt getting married to another man would cause her more pain than Tshepo ever did.