OK, I loved him the first time I met him. But things changed when I heard him tell his friend, that his type of girl is any girl who loves him. Those words changed my life; because after that, I over loved him.

I can’t really remember how it happened; but we dated. However I somehow managed to lose him. And when I did lose him, I realised how much I really needed him. I had sleepless nights and sometimes I cried myself to sleep. He was always in my dreams; blaming me for letting him go, if not then we were having good times together, in my dreams.

It was like he was haunting me; like a dead person’s soul that needed to be freed so that it could cross over. The more I tried not to think about him was the more he came into my dreams. During the day I was OK but at night it was like a nightmare…

No one ever saw me sob or heard me. I had to deal with it alone. I sat down and thought about it and I realised that he had my heart. In fact he owns it because I don’t remember loving a guy this way.

Then I realised that he melts my heart. He is the kind of guy who makes me feel like me and he does not judge me.So whatever happens I will always love him and he will forever own my heart. I love you, N.