When they stop talking to you, they start talking about you. They start talking about everything you told them about your life. They start talking your problems that you shared with them. They start talking about your life as if it is a movie that they watched at the theatre. They forget that you only shared your problems with them because you trust them. They forget that you only told them about your problem because you wanted them to help you out by giving you solutions to your problem.

When you stop talking to them they start thinking about you, missing every good and bad moment they shared with you. Others start gossiping about you, stalking your life on social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, We Chat, Twitter and Facebook.

When they see you doing good in your life; like having a good education, a job, and even enjoying the milk and honey of love from your boyfriend or girlfriend, that’s when their eyes start seeing you as a challenge and their heart starts hating on you. They don’t want to see other people doing better than them in life, or maybe because nothing is working out or has ever worked out for them before in their life.

That’s when they start praying that something bad or terrible should happen to you. They start wishing that your boss should fire you from your job. They start making plans that your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend should end, so that you should suffer. Most people do this because they have never secured a job in their entire life and they have no hope of going to get one. They get jealous of your relationship because their boyfriend(s) or girlfriend(s) don’t or have never loved them the way yours loves you. To them, true love is what they see in romantic movies and not what happens to them.

When they see you struggling, raining tears and even complaining to them about your problems, they start feeling happy. They start celebrating as if they have won a trip to heaven. They start saying, “Look at him/her, we knew it, that some of these people were not meant to be here on earth while wearing happiness inside their lives.” Such people don’t even dare to help you out with your problems. Instead, your problems become their source of happiness.

If you are experiencing or have experienced such negative actions from people, those whom you call friends, those you tell each and every pinch of your life to, know this and always never forget this: don’t feel like you are not important here on earth because we don’t live on earth for the people but to live our life peacefully and happily.

Remember, never trust anyone by telling them all your problems and challenges. Others are only there to use your problems to make themselves feel happy and even to use them against you. If you are a believer, put all your problems in the hands of God (for a Christian) or Allah (for a Muslim.) He is the one who is able to turn your problems into everlasting happiness and he is the one who makes everything possible in your life. Those people who are in your life, just exist to teach us life lessons and experiences as well.