My tears refuse to escape my eyes and be my only source to rejuvenation. The mind protests against me, rejecting my demands of composing words to comfort my pelleted heart. My hand is unable to make the pen release ink in conjunction to my emotions, to break the relationship between my heart and soul.

My bones can no longer support my flesh, and so darkness has become my best friend. Just like a rotten seed rejected by people, cast far away and welcomed by the soil, I feel forgotten. Spring is yet to come and I will rise and stand firm.

For the supreme God has placed me into these situations. The situation where craps are crashed, diamonds polished. Societal pressure can devour me alive. Because pressure can burst pipes, but also can make diamonds, I appreciate these situations. I vowed to search deep within myself for the inner strength and fire that makes me stand firm and face it.

I’m sleeping but not resting, smiling but not happy. I may be cornered, but at the end I have a greater responsibility on this earth. I look behind each part of my struggle and put the pieces together. I take a step towards progress, striving to ignite my passion, the passion to rise again and take a stand. The one who was and always will be, My God the creator, did not assign me to be at rock bottom, that I know and so I shall rise.


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