I don’t have much but I appreciate the little I have. It makes me happy enough and I’m thankful. I feel blessed and I know I am. I’m not saying that I’m perfect; I’m heavily flawed. I’ve hurt, disappointed, wronged, falsely accused and have let people I love down. I’ve lost and gained friends along the way as the journey toughened and the honeymoon phase faded.

I have smiled, shared laughter and loved strangers, only attractive strangers with interests and purpose to interact with me stayed.

We shared more laughter. We grew fonder and stronger each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, season, and the years we spent together. Those that I still call my friends to this day, thank you. I still embrace and cherish our good, best and worst memories. Most importantly the worst ones because I believe if you and I have been through heavy storms of this world together, and you never left me, gave up on me, judged my mistakes, never turned your back on me, then you my friend are heaven sent. I appreciate you. I adore and value our friendship or the bond we share.

I have also been criticised, mocked and backstabbed by people I called friends and family before. I survived, still am and will always survive. I’ve managed to pull myself together. Yes! I have wept, sobbed, cried and felt heartbroken before but every hardship I faced I grew stronger and learned from it.

To me, heartbreak became and still is a master and a great teacher. I don’t regret my past or ever losing friends and all other people I loved. This is because I know that before we went our different directions, before we fought and argued, we were once sweethearts.

What I will do now is to forget about what made us enemies and only focus on good memories we created, the bright side of the book or the very interesting chapter of the book. For now I’m looking for a person who will hold my hand and ask me “Where do we go from here?” The very person that will forever hold me and never let go despite how many arguments, fights and misunderstands we’ve had with each other.

The only king who can treat me like his queen or the queen who can guide me, mentor me, support me until I’m also crowned. Kings and queens rule and rock the world together, while queens own their crowns, their castles and the hearts of their kings.

In life anyway as you walk about, watch and learn every day, bear in mind that never ever take for granted, hurt or gamble with the precious heart and feelings of an innocent soul that loves you. Souls that look up to you. Be a role model, motivation, an inspiration and a shining star to some people who envy you. Do your best to make them proud, you’ll never lose anything in making people happy. Just give it a try.

Prioritise and set your priorities straight, know your worth and never let anybody undermine and underestimate your worth. If you know who you are and are certain that you deserve the best, then go all out and get to great heights doing the best. You cannot say or claim that you deserve the best yet you’re not doing the best yourself. Change starts with you, from within, be sure that you become the change you want to see.


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