As an African woman you are taught that you have to keep yourself pure until you’re married. In my case I did everything by the book, but to my surprise, when I found out that I was expecting a little bundle of joy, that’s when I realised that I was going to be a single parent.

When I broke the news to the father of the baby I was questioned, I felt like I was in court. For the first time in my life I was asked who the father of the baby was. Was I sure if he was responsible etc.? Later on I was told that he was going to look for a proper girlfriend. Honestly I felt damaged and was angry at myself. However, as a woman I had to be strong, pick myself up and wait for the arrival of my baby.

I supported my son with every fibre of being, I loved him more than anything in this universe. I never called anyone, never had any assistance from the father’s family. I never went to court nor called for any contributions; I think this was best decision I’ve ever made.

One year later there’s a father who wants to reconcile with his son and play his part and he is free to do so; it won’t matter if he’s back part-time or full-time. I made a vow to love my son, to provide for him, to give him a comfortable lifestyle with or without a father. I stuck to that vow. With that said, I am a proud mother.


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