It was a Sunday morning, there were greater expectations as usual, peace, love, joy and happiness in it all.

Woke up to a storm, thunder battling with heavy rain. Clouds so dark like smoke coming out of a chimney filling the air, rushing to the top of the mountains that can’t be seen covering it all.

Wind blowing, shacks shaking like nobody’s business. At home, families grabbing one another closely. Seems like that’s the only hope we had. Getting close to each other as much as we can. Can’t we see the end of it all.

Sisters, kids and mothers got killed like insects in a restaurant. No place to live sadly, while it keeps on with brutality.

Loud shot after shot. Nothing much we can do but to keep calm as much as we can. Can’t it please leave us all already, we’ve had it all.

Thought came to mind, “Can’t we get far away from here?” We’ve had it all.

Yesterday was a day we laid a friend to rest. A pandemic that never stops. Still carries on its Covid, the Dragon that takes away all our loved ones. The day before was filled with corrupt politicians that took it all from the country. Hope, food parcels that we were supposed to be having and we’ve had it all. Starve for freedom.

I’m tired, we’re tired. At home brothers and sisters are struggling to find jobs, we’re tired. It’s been a long walk to freedom. We tired, the nation is tired, but we have to keep going. We have been promised and promised with no fulfilments. We heard all voices. I’m tired. We’re tired, the nation is tired, we’ve had it all.


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