The clock is always ticking, when you waste time on things that won’t help you in the future it will take only one moment for you to realise that time has gone forever. Time does not wait for people to turn a new page but instead it’s always ticking.

My ‘aha’ moment was when I got an award for improving my marks in all my subjects. That very same moment I realised that time moves fast and I couldn’t believe that I managed to pass the hard term. When I first went to school it was hard to adapt and sometimes I felt lonely but that did not stop me from working hard.

When it was time for exams I had a fear that I might fail and that fear affected my school work. The fear disturbed me and I ended up failing the first term which made me notice that time was going and I had to pull up my socks in all my subjects. I made my school work my first priority and it made a huge difference in my marks.

The days moved fast, I socialised with people with great minds and that helped me grow my knowledge. That taught me to solve problems I might face in the future. I was motivated by the people around me to be a hard worker and a better person. The homework we were given was a lot and we had to submit it within a short amount of time.

The clock was always ticking and a few months later the system was changed and that helped in doing my homework on time and even have the time to relax, rest and draw out my visions.

I had very bad marks in English at the beginning of the year because of the poor quality teaching in my school but I had to attend extra lessons to pick up my marks for the whole term. That was not enough to make me pass the term. I tried again in the second term, my marks improved but still I did not pass and I tried again in the third term and I passed.


Tell us: what subject is/was hard for you in school?