Life is often characterised as fun, unfair or simply too complicated for anyone to understand. Those who “survived” challenges or discovered the ways of living a “better” life often wrote books or became motivational speakers, intending to stop people from making the same mistakes.

Life has no formula, they said, however, it is better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

They say in life everything happens for a reason. However, what could that reason be? I admit that, I am an over-thinker and a daydreamer. However, I choose to describe myself as a young man who simply likes to think outside of the box. There is just something special about lying down on your bed when there is nobody around and the only sound, excluding that of the wind passing through the opened window, is the sound of my imagination. The more I grow, the more I think deeply about the world around me. The focus is usually on humans, this helps me to understand myself and other people around me better.

It was during my first year at university when I had a lecture in sociology when I realised that aha! We, humans, are a very interesting species. We have a way of doing things in such a way that we usually take for granted. The lecture opened my mind and made me think outside of the box about us as humans. It was one of those lectures that I wish I studied more into but unfortunately, as a first-year student I couldn’t pay more attention to one module. Some modules were more demanding. I had to try to find balance among different modules.

Nevertheless, sometimes in life, we are given lemons and we make lemonade. My understanding of human life became interesting and scary at the same time. It made me wonder if whether or not we are actually in control of our own lives, or if we our shaped by our surroundings and backgrounds. These thoughts were usually caused by my observation of things that are happening in my own country and community. The issues of murder, violence against women and children, crime and violence, etc. From my observation, no other group of the same group of species is capable of causing any harm to one another rather than humans.

This made me wonder why most humans are capable of doing all of these horrible things. Humans are the most intelligent species so why can’t our brains lead us in the right direction. Is it because we can talk? Is it because we have our different thoughts? Or maybe its because we are too different. However, if we are different then what makes us so different while we are the same species? So many questions and yet so few answers.

The moments I had trying to understand myself as well as other people made me less ignorant. It helped me to stop to understanding that we humans can never totally understand each other so it is important for me to rather, understand myself. To rely more on my abilities and to always try to be the change I want to see. I have realised that everything starts with us. Many motivational speakers have said it many times and it does make sense. If I could be more kind, more helpful, more active towards a positive change then surely the world would be a better place.


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