We all walk to school. It is something that happens every single school day.

Some of us walk a long way to school. Walking to school maybe takes 35 minutes. So sometimes our legs get tired. Walking to school we feel hungry. Sometimes when we walk to school and it is raining it is hard for us. We have to walk up the hill. We get tired even before we get to school and we still need to do school work, when we are tired. We live in Maqomeni and it is very far from school.

Before walking to school, we eat cornflakes, jungle oats, bread or nutrific. At 07h00 am we walk to school and we are not hungry. But at 10h00 we get hungry, and when we go home and we are very hungry we don’t want to talk. We only want to eat.

We notice the weather when walking to school. The weather changes radically. Sometimes it is very hot and the children get headaches. Other children carry umbrellas to protect them from the sun and others don’t have them. When it is extremely hot it makes us exhausted. Other times it rains and we get cold and wet and we catch the flu. Sometimes we do not go to school. When it rains too much the roof leaks in our classrooms because they are in very bad condition.

On the way to school we see lots of animals like donkeys, goats, sheep, cows and horses. They eat grass. We also see cats, dogs and snakes. Dogs bark at us. We run and we talk. Sometimes they tear our school bags. Sometimes when you are from school you can see cats and snakes fighting. You run because you are afraid of the snake and you are saved by a cat.

We walk with our friends on the way to school. We leave early around 7h00 am. We leave early because we want to arrive early at school. We share homework and we talk about what period is the first period. We also talk about the stories on the radio. Some of our friends like reading books on the way. We also sing when we walk to school. We talk about the bullies at school.

We also talk about cars. We have a dream of being best soccer players. When we don’t have lunch, we don’t mind because we know that as friends we are going to share the same food. We love our friends because they care. They are always there for us. During lunch time we share different stories from different books. We love to read novels. We like to be with our friends because they make us happy.