We grow differently and we don’t do things the same. It takes one to know one, meaning we are different. The moment you realise that, sometimes we don’t need people to tell us what’s wrong or right, we have to face such harsh lessons that will determine how strong we can be and how we can survive such matters.

Sometimes one needs challenges before he/she can change, let us grow, learn not to compare, life can take us to the same place but doesn’t mean we will succeed the same way. One must go through some challenges before seeing the light, but others can just find quick strategies and see success. I myself always look at successful people’s mistakes not their successful stories. I learned that no one wishes you well or wants to see you successful, only you, and you can only be happy if you follow your instincts. Guidance must come from you learning from the mistakes of the people you look up to.

Once you realise that, your life will never be the same. In life, so called friends stick around to see when you fall and use the strong stick to drag you down so you don’t get up to do what you intended to. The words that keep me alive: Don’t tell your friends everything about your plans, surprise them so that they hire a private investigator to find nothing.

What I know about private investigators they cannot find what’s in your mind and heart.


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