The COVID-19 pandemic is anxiety-provoking. Life today has become a nightmare. It affects many, as people need to earn money to get a source of income to buy essential items such as food and medication. This means people will have to adjust and abide by the government law.

Coronavirus is spreading and so many people are being admitted to hospital on a daily basis.

COVID-19 has caused the economy to fall and many people have lost their jobs. Private companies are closing down, especially those that don’t sell essentials things.

It has caused poverty and hunger for people who depend on the wages they earned doing domestic work. The social grant relief fund is delayed and causing more hunger.

The life of children are on hold due to not going to school. Many can’t afford to buy data for online classes since they come from poor backgrounds.

The virus has caused some women to fall victim to gender-based violence day and night since they have no way to escape their abusers.

COVID-19 shows that all generations after every 100 years will have to face world challenges and in the end the only way to overcome it is by obeying the law.


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