I’d like to take this moment to talk to you; the bread winner from my teenage age years. I know you know me very well, I say this as you took care of me until I finished university.

You approached me and said that you loved me so very much. The first day when you opened your mouth with your nice voice, saying I’m beautiful and you needed to share your life with me; that you’d protect me from strong winds and rainfall. I thought I knew you, but I truly hate that day because it’s the day I put myself under fire.

Since that day my life has changed. When I met you I didn’t think that a person could be beaten with a hosepipe. I didn’t think that you would force me to do what you wanted, really I didn’t know that someone could be locked inside a house for an entire weekend and that you’d go out with friends and enjoy life.

Every day you accused me of cheating on you, but it’s you who cheated on me. You didn’t trust me. All day you’d accuse me of things I didn’t do and that resulted in you beating me. You promised me that you’d take care of me for the rest of my life; I now know what you meant. I didn’t know that when you said that we’d be separated by death, you meant you’d try to kill me.

I attended my high school and passed with flying colours and then completed my nursing degree, but that still didn’t bring me joy. I don’t enjoy life anymore. You work to make me cry every day and it seems like you enjoy seeing me like that. I was for stupid for allowing you in my life — love is blind.

Now I only fear you. I agree with everything you say because I’m tired of the beatings you’d give when I didn’t agree. Your aim is to see me knocking at the hospital from the pain you cause. I want to take my last decision because I fear to contact you. I’m informing you that I’m going to open an assault case. You beat me last night after I went to the library with my friends. You didn’t believe that I was with them so you beat me instead. Today is the day. I’m on my way to Burgersfort police station. It’s over between me and you.


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