Make An Impact

This is one of the topics that make me enthusiastic and overwhelmed. This topic explains exactly why I thought of writing a book, because I value impact. Impact is very sufficient in a person’s life. All of us are gifted in various ways, we can impact positively on people with what we have.

Serving others does contribute to one’s longevity. When you live a life of helping others with what you have, you are bringing life to that person. There are different ways to serve and make an impact.

When I was 15 years old I started asking myself a question about one of the most adored icons and legends who contributed immensely to the world with everything he had. A hero by the name Martin Luther King said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘what are you doing for others?’”

This question transformed my concept about life. Since that time I started to figure out what I should do for people. This is a question that I want teenagers to figure out, what do they want to do to add value to others? God has given us gifts and talents. We can use those gifts to make an impact on other peoples life.

We have people across the world who ultimately lived their goal of being impactful to the world. One man who I truly adore and mimic is the none other than Nelson Mandela. This man lived his whole life as a servant to the country of South Africa and the world. He brought freedom to the people of South Africa.

Now we live his legacy on a daily basis. Teenagers have rights today and that was because of him. Marginalised people have something to sustain themselves with. There’re a lot that one can say about him.

When you look currently at South Africa, many people are serving others. Many successful people in the world are impactful to the world. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Twain and other successful people, have served others. Let your talent be a tool that plays a huge role in other people’s lives.

A wise man said that, “In this world it’s not what we take but what we give that makes us rich.”

When you achieve your success, don’t use it to boost your ego or to earn a huge status in the world. Let your success be service to others. Don’t aim for recognition, possessions and fame but aim for adding value to others.

I’m sure you don’t want to join the group of people who lost everything they had due to greed and ego. Build a legacy that will continue when you are gone. A wise man said that, “You’ll get what you want in life if you help enough people to get what they want.”

So make an impact to the lives of others and be the change you want to see in the world.


Tell us: What do you think of this book and the advice given by the writer?