In life, we tend to look for inspiration in the wrong places. We look to other people to draw energy from them, we look to social media to find things that will inspire us, and we talk to a higher power in order to seek help when things don’t look good.

We need to learn that, when drawing energy from someone, you are required to take both the good and the bad energy, and this will never work for you because you have your own energies that you send out into the universe. We can’t look to social media for inspiration because only a sheep should be told when, how, and what it needs to do in order for it to be a sheep. Prayer or attending certain places in order to refuel yourself with positive energy sometimes only works because you believe it will. What you speak into the world sometimes comes back to you, but never at your time, only at the universe’s time.

In order for one to find inner piece, they should look for what will help them from within. They should find what makes them who they are through an activity, and always seek self-soothing in order to enjoy self-love. They should also not seek to be loved in order to understand how to be free mentally, emotionally, and physically. Instead, they should try reading a book, or excising a little, or watching their favourite series, or writing something in their diary to read later. By doing these one man activities, they will find that the positive energy they were seeking for it was just compressed in them. All they needed to do was to unlock it by doing the things they normally don’t because they feel lazy, bored, and unsure of how they feel.

Make sure you love yourself first before loving the next person with amazing energy, and do not put a cross on them that you need to bear yourself. By having that mission in mind, you will become emotionally stable.


Tell us: Where do you go in order to find inspiration?