We were a bunch of teenagers when we formed a group called Originate Repetatur. To us, this meant bringing things into existence. There was nothing special about us, though. We’d go to Fountain Valley in Pretoria, buy a lot of booze, dress smart, hire a mini bus with powerful sound, and compete with other crews about which of our mini buses had better sound, interior decoration, and colour!

We did that every first weekend of September, but as time went by, we all took different paths until one of our friends decided to use the name ‘Originate Repetatur’ as a name for his brand. We were all surprised when we heard the news because he didn’t even bother to inform us! He then decided to take one of our guy partners with him, but the guy worked with him without getting a salary because our friend had told him that they first needed to wait for the company to grow, then they would build a place where they will work.

The brand made a lot of things, including tailored suits, school uniform, printing t-shirt, and anything related to clothing. It then become very well-known and people loved it, bought it, and wore it. The other guy never received a single cent of the salary he was promised, and on the birthday party of the guy who had come up with the brand, which was hosted a nearby restaurant, there was a verbal fight between the two of them, and that’s when they decided to part ways.

A year later, the Originate Repetatur shop was opened! Online shopping seemed perfect for the guy! He then hired some people, but he did not realise that he was about to kiss his company goodbye. The same thing he had done to his friends would happen to him. He later found himself being dragged out of his company by his own security guards, who were commanded to do so by his so called employees!


Tell us: Do you think the friend deserved what he got because of what he did to his friends?