Most people fail to understand that the clock is always ticking. So every human being should play role in their daily lives to make sure that their time is not being wasted. Time doesn’t care if you are young or old so don’t waste your energy on useless things, because if you do, your life will stay in one direction, and you will never achieve anything.

For example, in South Africa, we have a president, we have doctors, teachers, and lawyers, etc. Let’s say you get an opportunity to look into their background and ask them what their secret to success is, one of the main answers you will get is that “perseverance leads to success.” Meaning in life you need to take your time so you can avoid making a lot of mistakes, plus hard work gets you where you want to go.

As a young person you always think about your future, because the future means that you’ll achieve what you want, but remember that to discover your passion and be unstoppable you need to stop procrastinating and start taking action.

I am not trying to put this in an offensive manner, I’m just being truthful and I am trying to go deeper on this issue so you can understand how life works. Nothing in life comes easy. Let us remember that all the things we do have their own timing, so try to work harder and stay passionate.

We all have families to support, so I just want to encourage each and every one of you to respect the world. Teenagers have suffered a lot because of alcohol abuse, drug abuse and crime. Some suffer through poverty, their well-being and the high unemployment rate. Others are fighting for their lives in hospitals, others are in prison. Imagine being a teenager and spending time in prison instead of being able to sharpen your skills or talents and putting more effort into your education.

Others are homeless or in orphanages, no one supports them, others are disabled. Some have parents, but those parents are not willing to assist them. Other children end up doing illegal things because they have no support from their families.

Every parent should understand that children need their support, even if you see your child failing at school, let them be. Just be there for them and try to help them find what they are good at so they can just put all their energy on that.

I would like to encourage people. Life is like a ladder, to be on a higher step, you need to use the lower steps. If you end up being on top without starting lower then you’re in trouble, because then nature will punish you and take you back to the stage you jumped, so be patient.


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