Do you know that life is not only about winning? Do you know that failing is not the end of the world? Do you know that failure has helped many people in life? Do you know that there are people who have achieved their goals even though they have failed several times? I know you have failed to achieve some of your goals in life but know that it is not the end of the world. I know you have felt bad about yourself. I know you are still feeling bad about your life for everything you have not accomplished since the beginning of the year. I know you have also given up and called yourself a loser.

I know you have been labelled by some of your friends who are succeeding in their lives. I know you have belittled yourself when comparing yourself with some of your friends who are doing well. You no longer mingle with them because they are at university while you are still fighting your way to get to university but have found no opportunity. I know you have labelled yourself as a person who does not belong to either any public or private university out there. There is one thing you must know failing to make it in university is not a sin. Your time is just around the corner. The plan for your life started when you were in your mother’s womb, by God.

The time you are going to have access to university, which you have been dreaming of is when you start working hard for yourself. This is not the time to be calling yourself a tsotsi. This world does not tolerate abotsotsi. Wake up instead and apply to different universities out there. You can apply for bursaries and loans found at university for funding your studies. If you failed to make it to any university and you are just staying at home or spending your time as a club stripper or being a prostitute as a way of getting money, that is not going to make your life better.

If you are relying on your boyfriend as a means of getting food on the table just because you failed to make it to university, just know that he would not give you the happiness you would find if you got your education. If you are a graduate and failing to get your desired job, don’t give up searching for that job just because you are denied employment opportunities by companies. Don’t think that you have wasted your time studying. Never compare yourself with those who did not make it in school. That degree you have is as special as a diamond. Remember don’t give up just because you could not achieve your goal.Failure only makes us learn that life is not about winning but it encourages us to continue working hard. Successful people that you know and admire did not reach where they are by only succeeding they also failed, but they did not give up on their dreams. That is why they are where they are today.